sarah1Angels for Animal Rescue started when friends Gabi Gutierrez and Joanna Krupa teamed up in independent rescuing, then later decided to start their own animal rescue. Gabi first became interested in rescuing animals when she was 15 and started volunteering at the Carson Animal Shelter. Seeing all the animals in need made her want to make a difference and help save them so over the course of a few years she quickly learned the ropes of what it takes to rescue animals . With the help of her great mentor and friend Randee Goldman she started learning the ins and outs of animal rescuing. Not long after she became an amazing independent rescuer. It was during this process that she became friends with world famous model and Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa. Joanna has always been a huge animal lover but it was in 2005 that she saw a life changing video. The video was of the horrors of the fur trade and how innocent animals suffer. It was after that video that Joanna became an avid animal rights activist. She even organized a protest against Dash for their selling of a fur vest earlier this year. Together Gabi and Joanna hope to make a difference in the lives of animals by saving them and by being their voice.

“I speak up for the voiceless. I save the forgotten who are left behind. I save those who are truly in need of rescuing. I am an animal rescuer.”
-Gabi Gutierrez , Joanna Krupa