Oh, boy what to write?  There are so many things going on today I have no idea where to start.

Noodle had a seizure last night.  This is  his first one which we known of, so, I met him and his wonderful foster mom, Millicent at Lomita Animal Hospital . While waiting for Noodles appointment, I visited Derby, the newest dog in my rescue. I thought he would be happy but was shocked to see how depressed he looked.

Poor Derby, he was at home–then dumped at the shelter with no love or attention, and boy did it show today! It broke my heart to think about what he went through, but I am happy he is now cared for by my rescue–so I can make sure he gets the love, medical, and attention he so desperately needs. There I sat, petting him and giving him kisses, but no matter how hard I tried, not one wag of his tail.   If only I could make him understood how much he means to me already,  and that he will live a happy life from this point forward.1614465_10151985211907449_938972369_o

When  it was time for Noodles appointment,  the doctor told us that Noodle  needs to get blood work and be monitored closely to see if he has another seizure.  The Vet told us if he has another one this week he will have to start taking Phenobarbital–so please send your prayers that it does not happen again to Noodle.  Fingers crossed he will  be ok!!!

Noodles situation in not new my my rescue, we care for many senior animals with special needs.  It gets so overwhelming at times, but I wouldn’t change it for the world!  Seeing these seniors live with such a love for life and so happy in their foster homes makes my heart melt! I  fall more in love with each one of them, times do get hard and stressful, (as I have to coordinate vetting , appointments, grooming, supplies for all of them while raising funds, responding to e-mails and  phone calls, managing schedules the list goes on, and on. As if this wasn’t enough, I am fulltime student with a part-time job!   Slowly I am noticing that it is taking a toll on me and I am going to be trying new technics to lessen the “rescue stress”.  Maybe yoga and/or meditating, anything to keep  my mind and soul calm with all the stress.

I will keep you posted each week on my journey.