The success of Angels for Animal Rescue  is built on a foundation of selfless volunteers, loving fosters, vigorous supporters, and generous donors. Each dollar donated to Angels for Animal Rescue directly funds the rescuing of homeless animals.

We do not have the space to list all those who have donated selflessly to help us rescue those in need, but we send our heartfelt thanks to all of donors for your generosity that has helped (and continues to help) our rescue animals. Below are a list of Rescue Angels who have donated over 1k and volunteers/fosters who care for our rescue animals till they get forever homes. 



Heather Childs 

Lynne Amano

Erik Arcane ( of Prima Donna)

Randee Goldman

Tina Pollard

Lupita Espinoza 

Alana and family

Dana and family

Cassie Harris

Charisse Ann and friends

Connie Fields


David Glick

DJ Havanna Brown 

Dr. Gerald Minniti

Opossum Smiles

Ambur Morrison

Krystin Conroy

Lee Barkalow

Peggy Kilpatrick

Vanessa Hughes

Dawn Dizney